The political crisis in Ecuador

octubre 1, 2010

The political crisis in Ecuador


Noé Hernández Cortez

The differences between the executive and the legislature can become insurmountable political tension – as well as noted Juan Linz -. This observation is perhaps a good starting point to try to understand in a broader horizon the current political crisis in the fragile democratic system in Ecuador. When President Rafael Correa said that “this was the saddest day of my life and the saddest day of this government, by the infamy of the conspirators ever” (El Comercio, 01.10.10), is not only a speech strategic and emotional, but also a speech that denotes the current state of political polarization between the legislative and executive branches partly due to policies “populist” of Rafael Correa, according to the perception of the opposition and even some of his legislative support itself.

            The revolt of the officers in the regiment of Quito 1 is a product of the unpopularity of the Public Service Act. From historical perspective the fragility of democratic institutions in Ecuador and Latin America, is a complex socio-political reality, whose lesson is that the uprisings, but do not lead to a coup d’etat, if they generate a deep crisis in democratic institutions let’s not forget the history of Ecuador, or the most recent political crisis in Honduras. What is at stake in these days in Ecuador is what has been gained in recent years in Latin America: the social and political coexistence in a democratic order.

 México, 01.10.10

On paper: The political crisis of Ecuador



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